The Year, So Far

I haven’t blogged in a while as we’ve sort of been in limbo for for a few months. Here’s what has been going on so far this year.

On January 3rd I ran in a New Years 10K in downtown LA. I finished in just over 1:01:00. I am extremely happy with that time given what my training schedule had been like. It was also the first time that David and I rode on the Metro. It was so nice not having to worry about driving in downtown with closed roads and full parking structures!


In January we also went to see a Louis CK show at The Forum in Inglewood. It was enjoyable and very funny.

One of David’s cousins got married!


The day after the wedding David had his first Spartan race. He was supposed to do one last October, but it was too hot so his day got cancelled and rescheduled for January. It also meant that instead of doing the 2014 course (with about 15 obstacles) he had to do the 2015 course (which had about 25 obstacles). It was not a fun thing to watch, and I’ve let him know that he won’t be doing another one unless he has a full 6 months of serious training done.

I attended the Los Angeles Cookie and Sweets convention. It was kinda cool, but mostly just really unorganized and busy. I would not go again.

On the first Saturday in February I had my first 5K race in several months. I also had a personal best of 26 minutes and 28 seconds!


Monday marked 9 weeks since the end of my miscarriage. Usually a woman can expect to get a period within 4 to 7 weeks after a miscarriage. For someone with PCOS? Anywhere between 4 weeks and the rest of your life. I contacted my doctor late yesterday and asked about what our next step should be. He let me know that since it has been so long I can go in for an ultrasound and blood test, and if everything looks okay I can take a medication to induce a cycle. I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning. I was hoping that by contacting him about it my body would start one on its own, but no such luck.

Looking ahead to the next few months: we have a Disneyland trip with David’s side of the family planned for the end of this month, I have another 5K scheduled in March and David and I are both racing in Big Sur at the end of April. I’ve decided to not let baby planning ruin anything else. If I want to sign up for a race, I’m going to. If we want to plan a trip, lets do it. We have no guarantee how much longer its going to take for us to get pregnant, so we’re going to live our lives while waiting.

We somewhat discussed what are plans are if/when we do get pregnant and have a baby. Because of the way baby making has gone this past year (yup, I’ve been off birth control for more than a year), we kinda figured that as soon after birth as we can start trying again, we will. Sometimes that’s just how it goes. The way I see it is that I’ve found such a perfect partner for me, it wouldn’t be fair if life was easy and we could just make a baby. There has to be obstacles for us.

Here’s to the future!