A Long Overdue Update

I have been pretty terrible at keeping this blog updated. But I’m here now and writing.


A lot has happened since my last post but long story short:

We’ve been doing an infertility method called IUI which involved 5 days of oral medication to stimulate my ovaries into doing something other than just sitting around. Then we’d wait for stuff to happen, do the actual IUI and then wait some more to see if I got a positive pregnancy test. We’ve done that 5 times, and they only recommend 6 before moving on to something else.

Since it hasn’t been working, we’ve moved on. When we first started at the fertility clinic I was against doing IVF, mostly due to the cost involved. We have fees for the doctor, for the surgery and for the medication. Anyone who thinks it’s free or easy to have a baby has clearly never been infertile.


At the beginning of next month I’ll begin twice daily injections for at least 10 days, and around the fifth to seventh day add a 3rd for up to 5 more days. I’m sure David is going to feel so lucky that he gets to stab me with a needle three times a day!


I’m just hoping that when all this crazy is over we actually get something from it. We don’t have very many chances at doing IVF.