32 Weeks

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant with our triplets. It’s hard to believe that 30 weeks ago we transferred 3 embryos with the assumption that none would take and we’d be doing a second round of IVF. And now we’re officially less than 5 weeks away from meeting our 3 babies. A lot has happened since my last post, so here is a brief summary:

  • We listed and sold our Los Angeles house
  • We purchased a new house in Temecula
  • We went on a babymoon to Lake Arrowhead
  • We switched over to our final doctors: an MFM in Riverside and an OB based in Wildomar
  • I had a super fun baby shower thrown by my awesome sister
  • I finally did a sleep study where they found that I’ve developed sleep apnea and I was given a CPAP to borrow until after the babies are born
  • I signed a consent form to have a tubal ligation done during my c-section
  • David’s dad came over and helped him build all of the baby furniture
  • David’s mom and sister made some freezer meals for us so I can take it a bit easier in the evening and not have to stand around and cook

32 weeks may seem like an odd time to be updating, but the typical triplet pregnancy goes to 32 weeks. So far I’ve been doing great. Apparently pregnancy agrees with me, even when it’s more than one baby! Every day I stay pregnant is one more day for them to develop, one less day in the NICU, one day closer to them being home with us.

I had two doctors appointments this week, and both of them said that things are looking great and it seems likely that I’ll be able to go to their expected due week of March 20th. I kinda can’t imagine being pregnant for another 4 weeks and 2-6 days, but I know that the discomfort I feel is temporary and right now these three are depending on only me to keep them alive.

Next week I start twice weekly non-stress tests. I haven’t had one yet, but from some quick internet research it seems that it’ll be 20 minutes of them being hooked up to a heart rate monitor and checking to see if they have two or more episodes of increased heart rate. If they do, they pass. If they don’t, they monitor for an additional 20 minutes. I’m not sure what happens if they fail then, but I don’t think it will come to that. The big downside to doing the NSTs is that they can only be done in Riverside, which means a long-ish drive to and from. I’m hoping that after next week I’ll be able to schedule one of the days for when I’m already up there for an appointment, but I won’t know if I can until Tuesday.

If everything goes according to plan, one day during the week of March 20th I’ll be pregnant, and the next we’ll have three babies that are pretty close to ready to take home!


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