How It All Started

The beginning


Our journey into parenthood began a little over a week ago. It started with David stating that I “didn’t need to take that” (that referring to my birth control). He said it in a non-joking manner so I knew he was serious. My first thought was “really!?” I had been wanting to start a family but knew had to wait until we were financially and emotionally ready. I hadn’t thought it would come so soon, and especially not from David.

We had originally planned to try for a family in 2014 but that got put on hold for various reasons and we thought it wasn’t going to happen until at least 2015, maybe the following year. The sudden shift in thinking had me very worried. We financed a new car with the thought of paying it off within a year to eliminate an extra monthly expense for when I stop working and we live on David’s salary. We then thought that we had several years to pay it off. Now all of a sudden we were back to having to pay it and our other car off (though my car should be paid for by May 2014). We bought brand new windows for our entire house thinking we had time to save the money we had spent on them.

I went into research mode almost immediately. I started looking up what I should be doing, things like prenatal vitamins and exercise and good lord Amazon has so many baby books. Within a few days I had nearly 20 items in an Amazon wishlist, most of them books. I ordered one for each of us (The Joy of Pregnancy for me and The Expectant Father for David). Prenatal vitamins were also ordered the same day and I started taking them the next business day when they arrived. Still waiting on the books, should be here shortly. I also started browsing Babies R Us for ideas on what we’d need. And yes, I have already picked out the two car seats, stroller and carriers I’d like, even though there is no way I could even get pregnant for another three months at the earliest.

I like to plan. A lot.

Even just this week and a half of research has made me wonder how anyone plans a baby, let alone doesn’t plan one. I would be majorly melting down if I didn’t have a plan in place. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe others like the challenge. I really don’t know, but I am beyond glad that we’ve planned things out. I’m sure everything won’t go exactly according to my plan, but we’ve got a good solid base to work with.

David and I are very excited to take this next journey together and can’t wait for it to begin!


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