One Month Old!

Today marks 4 weeks since Isaac, Edith and Clementine were born! Here are some pictures from the first month of their life!


Checked in to Labor and Delivery for monitoring


The next day our trio was born!

Getting up to see them was not easy! C-section pain is intense.

Isaac was the only one who needed to be under the bili lights, and it was luckily only for a day.

First day of tandem holding! You have to have a brave nurse who doesn’t mind trying to do this.

I came in one day to a wonderful surprise: Isaac and Edith were doing so well they got to be moved to open air cribs! Clementine followed the next day.

Tandem kangaroo care. Good thing I wore a really stretchy dress that day!

Isaac and Edith both got to wear people clothes! Newborn size was super big on them, so I went and bought preemie size one.

Daddy got to do tandem kangaroo care too!

And then Clementine got to wear people clothes!

Isaac and Edith came home together and did a super great job in their car seats. David rode in the back with them while I drove us home.

Our first morning together. We discovered in the middle of the night that they really like to sleep in bed with us, so to get some sleep ourselves we let them.

Isaac was such a good big brother and held in his paci and sisters!

Then it was Clementine’s turn to come home! Someone in the elevator commented about how little she was and I got to explain for the first time that she was a preemie because she has a brother and sister who grew at the same time.

“We all want to be held! Hold us!!”

Some nice triplet snuggles, except for the part where Isaac is punching Clementine…

When you have to feed three babies throughout the night, it really helps to be prepared. Bottles get prepped every evening so we don’t have to worry about it in the middle of the night, we can just grab and go.

I got to snuggle with all three of my wiggle worms! Having them sleep next to me helps all of us get at least an extra hour, so I don’t mind at all!

Sometimes when you’re the littlest you get squished between your brother and sister.

All my loves taking a nap on our downstairs bed. Peek-a-boo Clementine, I see you!

Tummy time is great for napping instead of working on our neck muscles.

And once again we all end up in bed together so mama and daddy can sleep in a bit!




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