This past Sunday I began my last pack of birth control. Life is getting pretty exciting!


Some updates:


We’re in the middle of trying to confirm vacation plans for next summer, which is when we are planning to tell our families. I know for sure that my family is in, now I’m just waiting for David’s family to make a decision.


We’ve also been given our first piece of baby gear. Amanda and Daniel have offered us Devon’s swing, which he has outgrown. We will be picking it up at Christmas!


This whole thing has become a tad bit more real for me, and once I’m over being sick, I plan to kick it into high gear with my workouts. I know that having a pre-established workout routine will be very beneficial during pregnancy and am hoping that I can get something fully set up before I get pregnant. I know that next year my work schedule will be changing, so hopefully by scaling back, or quitting altogether, I will be able to get into the habit of exercising 3-5 times a week.


The diet change has been going well. We’ve both been eating more fruits and veggies, and I think David might even be starting to like them. We shared an apple the other day, and he ate his half with no complaints and before I finished mine. I think its getting more real for him to. He knows that now is about the time he’s making what I need to make a baby, so I think he’s been trying to be a little healthier.


I have been trying my best to avoid taking any extra medication, just so I can get used to what its like. I’ve been sick for about 24 hours, but all I’ve had to help is tea and soup. I haven’t been taking anything when I get headaches, and luckily they’ve all been mild enough. If I did get a bad one, I would of course take something, but I’m trying to get less dependent upon them.



Only 26 more pills!


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