Today is the three week mark. Just three more weeks of birth control. Then our lives change forever.


We have a 5K obstacle race planned for 2 weeks after we finish with it and another 5K planned for August. I feel more confident than before that I will have no problem running the August 5K and throughout most if not all of my pregnancy. It seems very doable, even if it means running at a slow pace in the later months.


For the last two or so weeks we’ve mostly been eating meals planned from The Runner’s World Cookbook. They are very heavily vegetable based and have a good mix of nutrients which are helping us to keep our diet in check. I have a feeling that the recipes will come in very handy as many are easy to prepare and make lots of leftovers.


There hasn’t been much baby research in the last month or two. I think I’ve got most everything I want figured out.


I gave my notice at work at the beginning of February and my last day should be May 2nd. I may have the option to stay on with an at-home position for a few extra months, but won’t know about that for sure until closer to May. I know its a bit early as I may not even be pregnant by then, but its way past time for me to leave that place, and lowering my stress level is very important to me. I’m so lucky to have a super supportive husband who let me know that I could leave my job whenever I felt it was best.


I can’t wait for it to finally be our turn to have a baby!


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