7/18/14 part 2: Infertility, a crappy place in life

You know all those people who get pregnant when they aren’t even trying? Yeah, that’s not me.


Dealing with not being able to get pregnant without medical intervention is difficult.


The TMI section:


Before taking birth control I had always had wacky cycles. Sometimes I would go months without a period, and others it would be closer to 4 weeks. It has always varied like that and never concerned me. I assumed that since I was on the light side it cause me to have a weird cycle.


Now that we’re trying to have a baby that weird cycle sucks. All the advice out there is usually that if you’re under 35, wait a year before seeing your doctor. Most places don’t mention that if your cycle is over 35 days you should see your doctor right away. Even my doctor didn’t mention that to me. I learned that from an aunt.


So I’ve emailed my ob/gyn to see if I need to make an appointment with him to get fertility drugs or if I need to see a specialist. Once I hear back from him I plan to take whatever steps are necessary to move forward with expanding our family.


My hope is that I’ll be able to get in quickly and start taking fertility meds as soon as possible.


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