Menopause Medication

So as ya’ll know I have a hormonal disorder that affects my ability to get pregnant, which is why we have to go through infertility treatment. I have to take medication to get my ovaries to grow eggs and have several ultrasounds to see what is going on.

Today I had my 3rd ultrasound of this cycle. After my ultrasound on Friday, which had less than stellar results, it was concluded that I should wait 4 days before coming in again. This time there was one follicle that had pulled ahead of the rest and decided to grow. Unfortunately it has decided to grow very slowly. I’m really hoping that means it will be an excellent one!

I got a call this afternoon after my doctor looked over my results and was told that a medication had already been called in for me, and that I should start taking it today. I was out at the time and not totally focused on the call, so I didn’t hear what it was that I was supposed to take. After picking it up at the pharmacy I decided to look up what it was. The first result that showed up let me know that I’m taking a medication typically prescribed for women who are menopausal and want hormone replacement therapy. Oh goody.

I was also told, on the phone call, that I’d be transferred to the appointment lady. And I got to make yet another ultrasound appointment. Lucky me.

The inability to have children is not something I would ever wish upon anyone.


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