9/2/14: Another visit to the fertility clinic

Today was the beginning of the next phase of fertility treatments. I’ve started a new cycle which means we can proceed with all of the cycle day specific testing.

I had to call in on Sunday to schedule an appointment for blood work. The place I go to only does blood work between 7 and 11 am, so I decided I would try and beat traffic and scheduled a 7 am visit. For this visit I got to do blood work and my very first ultrasound.

Getting blood drawn was easy. They only needed one small tube, and it was done in just a few seconds.

Thy ultrasound was… interesting. I was unaware that they would not be doing an on-the-tummy one. They assumed I knew what kind of ultrasound it would be… awkward………..

The ultrasound tech was pointing to different things on the screen: there is your endometrial lining, which will gradually start to thicken until you ovulate. (Uh, wrong!) And there is your right ovary… Oh….

So the results of the ultrasound show that yup, its PCOS. My ovaries are covered in cysts. The simple fix for this should just be medication to induce ovulation. I’m going to find out next week if I get to start that medication on my next cycle. Crossing my fingers that that will be the case!

Results from my blood test also came in. Everything they tested for looks good. One of the levels of a hormone is a little low, but with my running schedule that isn’t surprising. I have 6 more weeks of high mileage then I should be starting my next cycle. I’m going to back off a lot and do low mileage for a while in the hopes that I’ll start taking medication and be on my way to getting pregnant!