Friday March 28th marked my last “official” day at work. The plan was for May 2nd, but a replacement was found and trained well before then, so there was nothing left for me to do. I had work on Monday the 31st and again tomorrow the 7th just to help her out on Mondays when its most busy, but after tomorrow I will no longer be working a 9-5. Our plan was for me to stop at some point during pregnancy, but work had become too stressful and we have several things coming up this summer which would have been too much time to take off and I would have been laid off anyway, so I decided to leave on my terms.


Last week we decided that its time to make a baby.


As an aside, I’d like to say sorry to our parents and families for lying to you. Whenever we’re asked about when we’re going to have a baby, it’s tough to lie because we know that we’re trying now but we want it to be a surprise. We attended a family party yesterday and got asked more than three times about it. We’d like to say that we’re trying but also want to keep it to ourselves. So sorry. We’ll tell you about it beforehand next time.


I’ve been filling my time this past week with a whole lot of nothing. I’ve really just been trying to enjoy being home and seeing David more. I do plan to get into gear and get working on house stuff within the next few weeks and I’m thinking about looking into attending classes at the local community college during the fall semester. I also have a potential at-home work opportunity that I’m going to be getting more info about this coming week.


As far as running goes, I’m still trying to do my best at it. We had an obstacle course race yesterday that went quite well and another one coming up in three weeks. Then we have a break for the summer and don’t race again until the last weekend of August. I’m hoping that I will be able to continue running, even if I have to go slower or shorter or less miles. I think that pretty soon its going to get to the point where I can just enjoy it and don’t have to worry about going a certain speed for a certain amount of time and I can just go and do whatever. I think April is our last crazy training month then we just have a relatively easy summer of “base miles”, which means that I can pretty much do whatever training I want. Good thing because I’ve read and heard that the first trimester is going to be an exhausting one.


I don’t plan to test until after we do our Gumball Rally on May 3rd, but you can bet that I’ll be checking the morning of May 4th!


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