It has been just over two months since I left my job. I’ve mainly been using my time to eat better and exercise more. And reduce stress.


The bad news today: definitely no baby yet. And confirmation that I have a wacky cycle.


I’ve been trying to track my ovulation over the past 5 or 6 weeks and all the tests (two a day) have been negative. I’m getting a bad feeling about that, though I know I shouldn’t worry too much since I did just come off birth control. If I go through another cycle with no positives I’m going to see my OB/GYN about it. I know that when you’re under 35 you’re supposed to wait a year before thinking about infertility problems, but I’ve always had a wacked-out cycle and would prefer not to wait that long.


In just about 5 weeks we’re planning to tell our immediate family that either 1. we’re trying to have a baby or 2. we are having a baby.


In other news: I’ve looked at and picked out several types of cloth diapers to try out. I think I’ve selected about 30-ish from 6 or 7 different companies. I may look into others, but I think we’ll find some good ones from the ones I’ve picked. I’ve also come to the conclusion that when its time for a baby registry from Babies R Us that we’re going to have to drive to one that is just that (versus one that is half Toys R Us and half Babies R Us). We have a half and half near us and the selection at the BRU side is kinda sad.


Running: I’ve been excelling at running over the past few weeks and am enjoying that its becoming easier to achieve the times/distances that I want. I currently have a plan to run a leg of the Big Sur marathon next May, though that is seeming like less and less of a possibility. If I conceive during my next cycle we’re looking at a March birth. If it takes another 1-4 months to get pregnant I for sure will not be running, which is a bummer because it was going to be an adult “Matics and McGaugh” race.


Until next time… keeping my fingers crossed!


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