8/10/14: A Diagnosis, Sort of

I received a call this morning from the fertility center. They had the results from my AMH test.

I was told that for someone my age, the normal level of AMH is between 4 and 6. Mine came back at an astonishingly high 16. That’s good and bad news. Good news: I have a plethora of eggs! Bad news: probably have PCOS. When you have PCOS your body does not ovulate. There are many signs and symptoms of PCOS, of which I only have 1. I’ll have to do more tests to find out if that is what I have.

Back to good new though: Conceiving with PCOS is usually as easy as taking ovulation-inducing medication. I’ll still have to do all the other tests to make sure everything else is okay, but it seems very likely that my first course of treatment would be an oral med, followed by a shot med if the orals don’t work.

I’m feeling very optimistic about being able to naturally conceive (well, with the help of meds, but still in the normal fashion)! Now the waiting begins!


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