8/4/14: A visit to the center

On Monday afternoon I had an appointment at the Southern California Reproductive Center. It wasn’t quite what I imagined it would be, but due to where I am in my cycle there isn’t much that can be done.

To start out I have to get a whole bunch of tests done to find out if there are any problems and what they may be. I had a blood test done on Monday to determine my AMH level. Hopefully that will come back nice and high! During my next cycle I’ll have to get another blood test or two and do some unpleasant sounding procedures to check out the physical condition of my reproductive parts. David will also have to undergo a few tests to make sure everything is good on his end.

The doctor that I’m seeing let me know that they’ve never had someone my age who hasn’t had success with them, which is promising. Hopefully I’ll have an easy case of non-ovulation that is solved with medication and we can go that route. If that is the case, we’re looking at at least three more months before anything exciting might happen. I’m hoping for the best, easiest, least expensive way possible for us to expand our family!



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