9/10/14: Hysterosalpingogram

After my appointment last week for the blood test and ultrasound, I had to schedule an HSG test. Today was that test. I also got cultures done. Woo.

I was feeling okay about the test until last night. One of my Facebook friends announced a pregnancy, and another posted pictures of their new daughter. One right after the other. I’ve had a tough time in general dealing with my body not working right, but seeing those kinds of things just pushes me to beyond sad. Obviously I’m happy for both of them, but that doesn’t take away from the sadness I feel. I spent a good few hours in tears last night.

My worst thought was if the test today had negative results. That would mean that our journey to have a baby would be over.

Today didn’t start off too great. Traffic was terrible, even though I left the house at 9:35. I ended up being a few minutes late and they actually called me to find out when I’d be there. Luckily when they called I was in the lobby waiting for the elevator, so I was only about 5 minutes past my scheduled time.

Started off with a pee test to make sure I’m not pregnant (HA!) then I got another ultrasound. Not quite sure why, but I guess since I’m further along in my cycle they were checking my endo-lining.

Then came the fun part. The HSG test was not quite as bad as I thought, but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’ve felt worse pain.


Everything turned out great! I have a good shaped uterus and both my tubes are open and lovely! The whole thing was done in less than a minute (I’d love to make that kind of money for a minute of work!).

After the test I got to talk about the next steps with the doctor. Going back in at the beginning of my next cycle for more blood work and to get a prescription for Clomid!! Normally people start off at 50 mg, then move to 100 mg, then on to 150 mg before trying other things. I’m going to start off at 100 mg, which will hopefully speed up the process! To make sure we have the fastest results possible, if I ovulate we’ll be doing an IUI. Not what I had planned, but I’m willing to roll with it to get things moving. Now all that needs to happen is David needs to go do some tests to make sure that the IUI has the best possible outcome.

Things are looking very positive today and I’m happy with the progress so far. Best of luck to us!


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