10/23/14: Cycle 5 post BC

This is my first post in about a month an a half because thanks to PCOS, that is how long my cycle can sometimes be.

AF was due to show up on the 13th. Of course she decided to wait an extra week and a half before rearing her ugly head. Normally, that would be awesome. Who doesn’t want a few extra days of no bleeding! When you’re waiting for your cycle to start so you can get this process moving? Every day is like a nightmare, especially when you have a bit of spotting and then nothing.

AF came yesterday and I was eager to get started so I made an appointment for CD2 (I usually wait for CD3, just in case). I’m glad that the practice I go to requires you to get your blood drawn at a specific time of day and have an in-house analyzer. Results always only take a few hours.

This morning was another ultrasound and blood draw. Ultrasound was the same, lots of follicles just chilling. Blood work all came back at acceptable levels which means…

Today I get to go to the pharmacy and pick up a prescription for Clomid! I start it tonight and will take it for 5 days. It does generally have the unfortunate side effect of making you crazy (and hot flashes! Yes!) so I’m interested to see what its like. In 10 days I will go back to the clinic for another ultrasound to see if any of the follicles have developed (hoping for 1 or 2, good vibes always welcome!), then a fun injection to release it/them then we wait and track. If a egg (or 2) releases I go back in for insemination. Doesn’t making a baby sound so sexy when you have to do it medically?

There was another test that had to be done in order to do insemination, which was completed a few weeks ago. Everything on that front looks great which makes me hopeful that if an egg develops and releases and gets fertilized, we’re looking at having a baby sometime next August.

The nice thing about having all this happen now is that 1.I didn’t wait the recommended year of trying before seeking treatment so 2. We’re not going to be waiting around for an extra 8 months to try and get pregnant. It also means that David and I get a little extra time of just us before expanding our family (though I would have gladly given that up to not experience the heartbreak of infertility).

Here’s to a positive outlook on our next step!


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