First Holiday Time Visit to Disneyland!

David came home from work on Thursday night and mentioned that he didn’t have anything scheduled for the next day. He then suggested we go to Disneyland (I had wanted to go on Wednesday, but he had work that day). So we were up bright and early (well, dark and early) and had a lovely day at Disneyland. It is truly one of my favorite places to visit, no matter how long we get to spend there. Yesterday happened to be a full day with us arriving about 20 minutes before park open and staying until just after 5. It also gave us a chance to try out our new camera! It was cloudy and dark most of the day, so good pictures were challenging to come by.


Main Street Christmas Tree!




David poses for me on Main Street. Love the new holiday decorations!



First ride of the day: Storybook Canal. We were on the first boat!



I love this little guy!



And we found his friend!



Small World! Its been ages since we been on this, and since its decorated for Christmas, we decided to go on it. There was basically no one there, so we got to take a special super short route to get to the loading area. Way awesome!



We originally wanted to go on Nemo first, but it wasn’t open, so it was our third ride of the day. The renovations looked awesome.



This was also the first time that I didn’t get a yucky feeling from being in the confined space. Oh yeah, and I took this picture of David.



They had the tree over at California Adventure all set up as well. There were some way cool ornaments!



Our last thing that we haven’t done: the Disney Junior Live on Stage show. we arrived at 10:30, which of course was the start time. We asked if we could still get in and the attendant said we could not, but asked if we’d like to come to a later show and be on the VIP list. VIP list? What’s that!? So we decided to see the 11:30 show, which gave us time to go on a ride and get some early lunch. The Cozy Cone has a new mac-n-cheese with bacon cone (delicious!) and Award Weiners has a limited time Big Hero 6 inspired hot dog (also delicious!).

Inside the Disney Junior Stage show.




We of course then had to ride Little Mermaid. While walking there we saw some cool decorations near the World of Color viewing area, so went to check that out too. Then I asked David if he would like his picture in from of Mickey’s Fun Wheel.



The Christmas parade at Disneyland has not one, but two Christmas trees!!

DSC_0122 DSC_0144


Anna and Elsa also have their own float this year!



After the parade we went to the Jingle Jangle Jamboree! We were about to go when we noticed that there was just two minutes before the stage show started, so we decided to stay and watch it. It was a very silly sing-a-long show.



After the show we were heading out to get some dinner when it was time to put the goats away for the night. Oh my gosh, if you haven’t seen this, next time you go to Disneyland you should watch. It was so cute, and David remarked that it was the best thing we did that day. What they do is put little tiny rope leashes on most of the goats, and put a long one on the sheep and the goat leader. They then lead the goat leader and sheep out of their pen (and through the Jamboree) and ALL the other goats follow! It was like a tiny goat stampede! It was so cute and so worth the three extra minutes it took to watch.

Overall we had a fun day! Tasty food, fun rides and goats.


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