11/26/14: Playing Catch Up

I know I haven’t posted much about our baby journey, so this is a compilation of the past month.

The clomid worked wonderfully. I grew and ovulated two eggs. There were almost no side effects, other than one instance when we were driving in the car and having a stressful ride and I wanted to murder David.

After I ovulated we did two IUI’s. The clinic I go to always does two, just to be on the safe side. The following day I started progesterone. A week and two days after the second IUI I got my first positive pregnancy test. Two days later I got another one. The following day I went and got an HCG blood test. It was also positive.

That’s pretty much where the good news ends and the bad news begins. I went back in two days after the first blood test for a second one. Normally within 48-72 hours HCG levels are supposed to double. Mine went from 58 to 65. Uh, not even close to double. So I went back two days later for another test. After getting the results I was told to stop taking the progesterone. Not a good sign. I was also told to come back today for a fourth blood test.

This morning I had another blood test. When I got a call back at 1:30 (they lunch from 12-2, so I never get a call earlier than 2) I knew it would be bad news. My doctor let me know that my new blood HCG level was 212, so he asked me if I could come back in today and get an injection to end the pregnancy. The way the levels are increasing points very strongly to an ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal. So of course I went it. Another blood test, then two quite painful shots. Now I get to go back on Saturday for yet another blood test and on Tuesday for an ultrasound.

Almost everyone doesn’t like talking about miscarriages. I find it a bit odd because most pregnancies end in a miscarriage, before the woman even knows she’s pregnant. It’s a little difficult for me, but only because of the way we have to do things.

I’m sad, but not overly heartbroken. We’ll try again of course. I reacted to everything well so I’m hopeful that this path will lead to a baby, just not in July like we had thought.


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