Monterey Bay Aquarium!

We are in Monterey for a 4 day weekend. While we were out exploring the city today, we all decided that we wanted to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Albatross! She has lived at the aquarium since she was very little. She hurt her wing and is unable to fly. She enjoys being misted with a spray bottle!


I thought this was a pretty cool tank filled with all sorts of anemones.


That little thing in the middle is a living creature that pushes those little feelers out to catch food.


Shark! Really, what more is there to say?


There is two fishies in there… Can you see them?


How about here?


I love watching these just go with the flow.


So many spiney sea stars!


Tube fish. Just floating along.


Some birdies live here.


This bird swam around and around and around and around in a tight circle almost the entire time I was watching him/her.


Otters! They. Are. So. Cute.


This otter had a very specific pattern it followed. Around the outside on the back, then come up for air while turning, then on the back, then another flip. Repeat. Forever.


Schools of fish are so funny. Around and around we go.


The jellies were my favorite. I love to watch them move around.


How do they keep those oral arms from getting tangled?!


Us! Don’t let my lack of jacket fool you: it was FREEZING outside.


There are only a few turtles here, and we happened to see one!


These jellies live their whole life upside down. And they don’t swim. They just sit.


You see all those little specks? Those are actually tiny jelly fish! If you look at them real close you can see them moving!


The obligatory penguin picture for my mom. We just missed feeding time.


At the end of our trip, everyone decided they wanted some coffee and a rest. Both kiddos were asked to sit with Uncle David while everyone else was ordering. After this, Eric decided that he was going to hold Uncle David’s hand and walk with him back to the car. Too cute!

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