Hot Cold Hot Cold

Trying to get to sleep while taking a medication that gives you hot flashes is no easy thing!

First, you have to think about which pajamas you want to wear. The air feels a little chilly on your skin, but you know it’s only a matter of time before wearing anything is a challenge. So you pick a t-shirt and shorts.

Then, you actually have to get in bed. Under the covers? On top of the covers? Either way, it must be on my left side. Lets try on top… Nope, too cold. Okay, under… Nope, too hot. Okay, right leg, right arm, side and back out, left leg and arm under… The left side is feeling just right, while the right side is screaming about being stuck in Antarctica and losing some toes to frostbite. So lets try putting the right arm under the covers and leaving everything else where it is now… Okay, this might work… It is getting a little warm, oh but now it okay… I guess I can live with this. Finally, I can think about falling asleep.

Except that now I have to turn over to my right side. Ugh.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover what happens when you have a furnace that wants to smother you!


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