Slightly Pregnant

Now you may be asking yourself “what is slightly pregnant?” or “how can someone be slightly pregnant?”.

Modern medicine is a fascinating thing. In olden times (the early 1930’s) they used to inject a rabbit with a womans blood to see if she was pregnant. Nowadays they do some magical test with blood to see how much HCG shows up in it. Technically speaking, anything above 5 is considered pregnant, though within the first 12 weeks it should get to over 200,000. So if your HCG level was, say, at 6, yes, you would technically be pregnant, but not necessarily for long. It would most likely end in an early miscarriage.

I caved yesterday and took a home pregnancy test. It flashed its little hourglass symbol at me for a few minutes then informed me “not pregnant”. I was slightly surprised, but not completely. Why would my body all of a sudden decide to cooperate and get pregnant? Yeah, it wouldn’t.

I went in this morning for a blood test to confirm the results. I was expecting either a complete negative or a very very low positive. My doctor called and informed me it was the later. My HCG level this morning was 9. So, slightly pregnant. Not necessarily going to stay that way. Probably not going to stay that way. That means I get to go back in on Monday morning for another test. If it’s 18 or higher we could be moving in the direction of a pregnancy. If it isn’t, then definitely not a viable pregnancy.

We shall see.


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