When “slightly pregnant” turns to “definitely not pregnant”

I went in for a second blood test today and it came back completely negative. I figured as much would happen. It seems my body has absolutely no interest in being pregnant. Lucky me.

Once I start a new cycle I’ll call the clinic and find out what the next step is. We very fortunately still have 5 frozen embryos to try and get a baby or two from. Hopefully one of them will work!

We’ve already decided that once those 5 embryos are gone, that’s it. We’re not going through this whole process again. It is an incredibly painful journey that sometimes just doesn’t have a happy ending, even for someone who walked into a fertility clinic at 24 years old and was told they would not walk out without a baby.


One thought on “When “slightly pregnant” turns to “definitely not pregnant”

  1. Just wanted to say that its so unbelievably annoying that docs don’t seem to grasp that young women experience infertility as well… I was 26 when I started IVF and told the exact same thing. After 1 fresh and 1 frozen failed attempts I took a long break (we had no embryos left over). Now I’m starting up again but we’re only doing 2 more rounds (1 fresh, 1 frozen if needed) before moving to adoption. I think its really healthy to set boundaries for yourself. Wishing you the best of luck!

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