Good and Awesome

So I have some good news and some awesome news.

I was a tad bit vague on my last post, somewhat on purpose. I plan to post all news related to this subject on this blog. I personally find it to be more courteous, and that way anyone who doesn’t want to see it doesn’t have to.


I went in for a beta last Friday following a transfer of two 5 day old embryos. The results came back positive at 570. This is really good, considering my previous high was about 89.

I went yesterday for another one. In general, fertility doctors like you to get tests done 48 hours apart, but we were out of town, so had to wait until a clinic in Vegas was open on Monday. HCG levels are supposed to double every 48-72 hours, and I had my blood drawn about 75 after the first time. Results came in this morning. It needed to be at least 1140. It came back positive at 1610.


This means I am officially pregnant. Like, for reals.

I’ll get more information from my doctor on Friday when I go back in for either another blood test or just to have them do my injection.


Any further news will be shared here.


9 thoughts on “Good and Awesome

  1. We are extremely excited for you. Katie and I were shopping on Saturday, and it was all I could do not to start gathering presents for my niece/nephew/plural-of-them. However, I am going to play it cool for right now and just let some time go by…let some growing get done…find out gender(s) if you guys chose to share that. I am commenting here instead of putting this on FB, because I assume part of your courtesy in your blog is to protect the journeys of other women struggling that you know… Still, I might every now and then randomly comment some other place. I am thrilled for you that you are at a place of joy in this journey.

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  2. That’s fantastic news!!! The best things in life are totally worth the fight. I’m so crazy happy for you right now. Do you know if they both took? Are we maybe looking at twins?! That would be wonderful (Because than you don’t have to go through this again if you don’t want to) / crazy (Because… Twins @_@ ). Lots of good thoughts still going your way and I hope you have a safe uneventful first trimester!!


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