Not Quite Graduating

This past Friday I had another appointment at my fertility clinic. When I was done and went up to pay, the lady behind the desk was super excited that it was my “graduation” day. I had to disappoint her and let her know I still had one more appointment. All the support ladies at Southern California Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills are amazing and awesome. They’re all so sweet, and most of them know me by name now (it has only been 20 months that I’ve been going there).


For most of last week I was hungry to the point of needed to be eating within 2 minutes of waking in the morning and then eating every 60-90 minutes throughout the day. At our appointment on March 25th babe was measuring at 7 weeks 2 days. Here is our babe, 8 weeks 4 day, heart beating at 176 beats per minute:

8w4d clearer label

That is why I was so hungry. S/he had consistently been at 5-6 days of growth each week. Last week s/he grew by 9 days. You’d be hungry too if you had to grow 3-4 extra days over the course of 7 days!


I had my first ever obstetrical appointment today. After private, specialized care for the last 20 months, going back to my gyno was a letdown.

I had an intake nurse, who went over some basic stuff with me. I had to see her alone because she needed to ask me if my husband was abusive.

Oh. Okay.

I then saw the OBs nurse, again alone, who also asked me if my husband abused me. And if I was afraid of him.

This is not something I was expecting to be asked. I’m assuming they are required to ask, but wow did it shock me a bit.


So my OB is nice enough, but not much happened at the appointment, and when he did an ultrasound the quality was appalling. We could see the heart beating, but that was it. I’m super glad this wasn’t my very first pregnancy ultrasound, and that I still get another, good quality one this week.

I also decided to see a different OB from now on. The one I had as my gyno has technically retired, so he only works there two days a week. I just don’t love his medical style. The new one I’m seeing is one I’ve seen once before, and she was really nice that time, so I’m hoping she is better than former doc.

My OB asked about doing testing, so we’ve scheduled a nuchal translucency ultrasound for next month. I’m not interested in getting a CVS or an amniocentesis as they are invasive and have a risk of miscarriage. I’m hoping we’ll get good news, and it means a trip to the radiology department, who have the best ultrasound machines in the hospital!


I have what should be one last appointment this week at my REs, and I have the next two OB appointments scheduled. It is going to be super weird to not see a doctor for 4 whole weeks!


4 thoughts on “Not Quite Graduating

  1. I got super nervous when I realized it was Sunday and you still hadn’t posted your weekly update. I’m so glad things are moving along well! Hope your new OB works out better for you. 🙂

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