Greetings from Suck City!

Oh infertility. You sure do know how to take a good mood and completely ruin it.


We finally have a bit of a plan for moving forward for our last transfer. I’m to call our clinic on June 10th to have them induce a period, wait for however long that will take, then start an FET protocol. It’ll be similar to our first FET protocol in that it will begin with 1-2 weeks of birth control followed by medications to jack up my hormones. I am going to push for 1 week of birth control because we’ve already had to wait so long to get started.

I hate so much that my doctor is forcing us to wait around for my body to “rest”. I think that is a bit of BS, and it’s gotten me into a foul mood. For a normal, fertile person, they could already be pregnant and know about it at 6 weeks post D&C, which for me was yesterday. We’re probably looking at about 10 more weeks before transfer.


I would say that about 40% of the time, I am ready for this next transfer to fail so we can get off the infertility roller coaster and just get on with a childless life. Infertility is definitely a mind f*ck.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Suck City!

  1. I can only imagine how much your last sentence is true. The waiting, hoping, grappling with disappointment, hoping again… cycles and cycles of these emotions. It seems like it would be exhausting.


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