Those is the IVF community know exactly what the title of this post means. For those who don’t, it means “5 days post 5 day transfer”. It basically lets others know that you transferred a 5 day old embryo 5 days ago.

For me, that means going into my clinic for a hormone check. Hormones play a big role in pregnancy. Like you kinda need them to have one. Throughout the first half of a womans cycle her body is creating estrogen to grow an egg. It peaks around 350 (if you don’t get pregnant). After ovulation, the ovaries then start producing progesterone. In my case, I take medication to make both.

When we went in on Tuesday for the embryo transfer my estrogen was at 389 and my progesterone was at 21. Those are pretty solid numbers as most REs (reproductive endocrinologists) like progesterone to be above 20. Today my estrogen was at 342 and progesterone was at 28. Those are even better numbers.


Here is where I start to get a little weird. I’m sure most of you will not understand, but some of you may.

Since the transfer I have often been rubbing my belly and thinking to the embryos. I haven’t yet spoken aloud to them, because that just seems silly (not that thinking to them isn’t silly, but you know, I’ve gone a bit crazy). In my mind I imagine that they’ve decided they don’t like each other, so took spots as far apart as possible to burrow. I have pet names for them, which I will not share. I don’t even think David know what they are. This morning I felt like I got some insight into them. I believe the one on the left side is a boy, and takes after his daddy. When I got out of the warm bed into the cold bedroom to get ready to go I had a bit of pain on the left side, like the embryo was complaining about how cold it suddenly was. Just like David does.

Yup, I’ve completely lost my mind.


At this point, either one, two or zero embryos have implanted and begun to grow. Actually, that happened about 3-4 days ago. I have been firm with myself and decided to not purchase any home pregnancy tests. I used my last one during the last round and haven’t bought any more. I will wait until I go in for a beta (the blood test that measures HCG, same as a home pregnancy test but with the actual level, not just positive or negative) to find out if this cycle has worked or not. It’s going to be hard, and I’m going to have to find ways to keep myself busy this week.

Best of luck to me!


2 thoughts on “5dp5dt

  1. You go girl! Keep on keepin’ on!! I’m so proud of you for continuing to do the treatments. I know it’s not easy at all and you probably feel really frustrated and maybe even like giving up some days, so taking each step is probably difficult I would imagine. But you’re doing so well and I’m truly happy for you that you’re getting this far. I hope it works out. 🙂 And I don’t think it’s silly at all about how you send thoughts to the embryos and sort of talk in your head to them. That’s really sweet and I think your story about the cold out of the bath is funny. I love it. ❤


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